Each Thursday at 7pm we come together as a large group community to learn, grow, and worship together through prayer, worship, and presentations from various speakers. Most weeks we meet in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) which is on the 3rd floor of the CC (campus center) near the campus bookstore.







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2018-2019 Fusions

COMING SOON 11/29/18 Peace in the Chaos with Pastor Joseph Fehlen

11/8/2018 Continual Forgiveness with Jennifer Loop

11/1/2018 Cultural Sins with Pastor Dave Briscoe

COMING SOON 10/25/2018 Importance of Church Attendance with Pastor Bob Wolniak, MSOE IV alumnus

10/11/18 Ecclesiastes 3:15-33 with Josh Hummel, MSOE IV alumnus

10/4/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:9-14 with Tina Yolo, MSOE IV alumna

9/27/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:4-8 with Pastor Jason Esposito (video here)

9/20/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 with Pastor Dan Hummel

COMING SOON 9/6/2018 What’s InterVarsity About? with Tess Hoefler, IV Staff

2017-2018 Fusions

COMING SOON 2/1/18 The Prodigal Son with Jaime Brunner, MSOE IV Staff

COMING SOON 11/30/17 Dating with Pastor Frank Gill

Classic Fusions

3/20/2014 Dating and Purity 1 Tim 4:13 with Pastor Dave Briscoe

5/1/2014 Vocation with Rev Scott Seefeldt

9/18/2014 God: Glory/majesty/awesome/Holy with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

9/25/2014 God: Love with Jill Briscoe