What is Fusion?

Each Thursday from 7 pm till 8:15 we come together as a large group community to learn, grow, and worship together through prayer, worship, and presentations from various speakers. Most weeks of spring 2020 we will meet in the Todd Wehr Auditorium on the corner of Broadway and Highland. Please check our calendar or your weekly email to confirm the location each week

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Fusion Speaker Recordings

Miss a Fusion? Didn't get the class schedule you wanted? Want to share a talk with someone?
No Problem! Recordings of our past Fusion speakers can be found below.

2020-2021 Fusions

10/15/20 Is God Still in Control? with Jaime Brunner, MSOE InterVarsity Staff

10/8/20 Text your Questions- a fast-paced time answering chapter questions (the beginning is cut off) with Pastor Jason Esposito

10/1/20 Why Should we Pray? with Brock Elstro, InterVarsity Regional Intercessor

9/24/20 What is Worship? with Travis Knapp, Church Worship Director

9/10/20 Welcome to InterVarsity with Pete Millar, MSOE InterVarsity Staff

2019-2020 Fusions

2/4/20 The Genealogy of Jesus with Mark Anderson, MSOE IV alumnus

1/23/20 Living the Intentional Life with Andrew Gray, MSOE IV alumnus

1/16/20 Talking About Feelings Gets A Bad Rap with Linda L'Abbe   hand out 

1/9/20 Health > Hurry with Pastor Josh Koskinen

12/12/19 A Time Released Christmas Rescue with Pastor Tom Tunnicliff

12/5/19 It's All About Me with Randy Brown, MSOE IV Alumnus

11/14/19 Having an Attitude of Thanksgiving with Jaime Brunner, MSOE IV Staff

11/7/19 Preparation Determines Performance with Marque and Lisa Shaffer

10/31/19 Worship: Capturing the Heart of God with Rondale Austin

10/17/19 Romans 14: How to love each other at different spiritual levels with Josh Hummel, MSOE IV alumnus

10/10/19 Becoming the Body: Romans 12 with Kyongmin Song, MSOE IV alumnus

10/3/19 Romans 6 with Pastor Marques Jones

9/26/19 One Body, Many Parts: Why Connecting to a Church in College Matters with Rev Jon Talley

09/19/19 Community: How to manage the detours of life by Nikky Weise, MSOE IV student

09/12/19 Welcome to IV by Pete Millar, MSOE IV Staff

2018-2019 Fusions

03/07/19 1 Timothy 4 with Rhea Briscoe

02/14/19 Esther 9-10 with James Kern, MSOE alumni

02/07/19  Esther 7-8 with Pete Millar, IV Staff

01/31/19 Esther 4-6 with Nikky Weise, MSOE student

01/24/19 Esther 1 – 3 with Pastor Christy Fehlen

1/17/19 Intentional in an Accidental World with Pastor Todd Pope

12/13/18 Rich’s to Rags, the greatest story ever told with Pastor Steve Sonderman

12/6/18 Joy and Happiness with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

11/8/2018 Choosing Continual Forgiveness with Jennifer Loop

11/1/2018 Cultural Sins with Pastor Dave Briscoe

10/11/18 Ecclesiastes 3:15-33 with Josh Hummel, MSOE IV alumnus

10/4/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:9-14  Working so Hard but for What with Tina Yolo, MSOE IV alumna

9/27/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:4-8  What time is it? with Pastor Jason Esposito (video here)

9/20/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 Reminders with Pastor Dan Hummel

2017-2018 Fusions

3/8/18 Out of Context Verses: Principles of Interpreting the Bible with Pastor John Ramer

2/15/18 Cross-Cultural Evangelism with Pastor Marques Jones

2/1/18 The Prodigal Son with Jaime Brunner, MSOE IV Staff

1/18/18 Facing the Giants with Dr. Shanthini Baskaran

1/11/18 Mission with Mark Anderson, MSOE IV alumnus and former IFES staff

12/7/17 Biblical Marriage with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

11/30/17 Waiting, Dating, and Mating with Pastor Frank Gill

9/14/17 Together is Better than Alone with Pastor Steve Sonderman

Classic Fusions

3/20/2014 Dating and Purity 1 Tim 4:13 with Pastor Dave Briscoe

5/1/2014 Vocation with Rev Scott Seefeldt

9/18/2014 God: Glory/majesty/awesome/Holy with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

9/25/2014 God: Love with Jill Briscoe