What is Fusion?

Each Thursday from 7 pm till 8:15 we come together as a large group community to learn, grow, and worship together through prayer, worship, and presentations from various speakers. During the 2020-2021 school year, we will meet virtually via zoom. Please check our calendar or your weekly email for the zoom link each week

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Fusion Speaker Recordings

Miss a Fusion? Didn't get the class schedule you wanted? Want to share a talk with someone?
No Problem! Recordings of our past Fusion speakers can be found below.

2020-2021 Fusions

3/11/21 Metanarrative of Scripture with Peter Millar, MSOE InterVarsity Staff

2/11/21 Continual Forgiveness with Jennifer Loop

1/28/21 Are Anxiety and Christianity Incompatible: A Christian Understanding of Emotional Distress with Dr. Stephen Saunders

1/14/21 Where is the God of Justice? (Malachi 2:17-3:5) with Pastor Bob Wolniak

1/7/21 Pursue God...Above All Else (Malachi 1) with Pastor Todd Pope

12/10/20 How the Old Testament Points to Jesus with Pastor Greg Masslich

12/3/20 Identity in Christ with Rhea Briscoe

11/5/20 Giving Grace to Yourself and Others with Pastor Andres Arellano

10/29/20 Godly Friendships with Amy Jacobson, InterVarsity WI SE Area Director

10/15/20 Is God Still in Control? with Jaime Brunner, MSOE InterVarsity Staff

10/8/20 Text your Questions- a fast-paced time answering chapter questions (the beginning is cut off) with Pastor Jason Esposito

10/1/20 Why Should we Pray? with Brock Elstro, InterVarsity Regional Intercessor

9/24/20 What is Worship? with Travis Knapp, Church Worship Director

9/10/20 Welcome to InterVarsity with Pete Millar, MSOE InterVarsity Staff

2019-2020 Fusions

2/4/20 The Genealogy of Jesus with Mark Anderson, MSOE IV alumnus

1/23/20 Living the Intentional Life with Andrew Gray, MSOE IV alumnus

1/16/20 Talking About Feelings Gets A Bad Rap with Linda L'Abbe   hand out 

1/9/20 Health > Hurry with Pastor Josh Koskinen

12/12/19 A Time Released Christmas Rescue with Pastor Tom Tunnicliff

12/5/19 It's All About Me with Randy Brown, MSOE IV Alumnus

11/14/19 Having an Attitude of Thanksgiving with Jaime Brunner, MSOE IV Staff

11/7/19 Preparation Determines Performance with Marque and Lisa Shaffer

10/31/19 Worship: Capturing the Heart of God with Rondale Austin

10/17/19 Romans 14: How to love each other at different spiritual levels with Josh Hummel, MSOE IV alumnus

10/10/19 Becoming the Body: Romans 12 with Kyongmin Song, MSOE IV alumnus

10/3/19 Romans 6 with Pastor Marques Jones

9/26/19 One Body, Many Parts: Why Connecting to a Church in College Matters with Rev Jon Talley

09/19/19 Community: How to manage the detours of life by Nikky Weise, MSOE IV student

09/12/19 Welcome to IV by Pete Millar, MSOE IV Staff

2018-2019 Fusions

03/07/19 1 Timothy 4 with Rhea Briscoe

02/14/19 Esther 9-10 with James Kern, MSOE alumni

02/07/19  Esther 7-8 with Pete Millar, IV Staff

01/31/19 Esther 4-6 with Nikky Weise, MSOE student

01/24/19 Esther 1 – 3 with Pastor Christy Fehlen

1/17/19 Intentional in an Accidental World with Pastor Todd Pope

12/13/18 Rich’s to Rags, the greatest story ever told with Pastor Steve Sonderman

12/6/18 Joy and Happiness with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

11/8/2018 Choosing Continual Forgiveness with Jennifer Loop

11/1/2018 Cultural Sins with Pastor Dave Briscoe

10/11/18 Ecclesiastes 3:15-33 with Josh Hummel, MSOE IV alumnus

10/4/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:9-14  Working so Hard but for What with Tina Yolo, MSOE IV alumna

9/27/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:4-8  What time is it? with Pastor Jason Esposito (video here)

9/20/2018 Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 Reminders with Pastor Dan Hummel

2017-2018 Fusions

3/8/18 Out of Context Verses: Principles of Interpreting the Bible with Pastor John Ramer

2/15/18 Cross-Cultural Evangelism with Pastor Marques Jones

2/1/18 The Prodigal Son with Jaime Brunner, MSOE IV Staff

1/18/18 Facing the Giants with Dr. Shanthini Baskaran

1/11/18 Mission with Mark Anderson, MSOE IV alumnus and former IFES staff

12/7/17 Biblical Marriage with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

11/30/17 Waiting, Dating, and Mating with Pastor Frank Gill

9/14/17 Together is Better than Alone with Pastor Steve Sonderman

Classic Fusions

3/20/2014 Dating and Purity 1 Tim 4:13 with Pastor Dave Briscoe

5/1/2014 Vocation with Rev Scott Seefeldt

9/18/2014 God: Glory/majesty/awesome/Holy with Pastor Stuart Briscoe

9/25/2014 God: Love with Jill Briscoe